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Buy And Sell Machinery

Our company has emerged as one of the premier names in the world wide industrial machinery business. We are proud of the business and reputation we have built over the years by helping our customers acquire affordable and quality machinery and equipment along with helping them sell their surplus machine tools quickly and profitably. We provide a wide variety of services; please call to speak with one of our sales representatives.

buy and sell machinery

We have been buying and selling used metal working and material handling machinery for years. In addition to selling equipment listed here, we buy and sell all used steel processing equipment, metalworking machines, and industrial machinery and equipment.

Welcome to Kempler Industries! Family owned and operated since 1962, we have been buying and selling quality used machinery for more than five decades. Now in our 3rd generation of family ownership, Kempler continues to operate with absolute integrity- making customer service our Number One priority.

Auctions / Liquidations:Kempler has over 50 years of experience in auctioning and selling used equipment. Contact our auction division, KI Auctions, to discuss whether your situation merits an auction or liquidation. If an auction is appropriate, we can maximize the return on your surplus assets by reaching thousands of potential buyers all over the world. Let Kempler and KI Auctions help you convert your surplus into cash, while making the process fast and effortless for you.

Since 2005, we have been serving the American Manufacturing community, partnering with companies to find solutions to improve their businesses and lives. We want to work with you to help you grow and succeed. If you have a machine you want to sell or are looking to buy to increase or upgrade your production capacity, call us at 410-252-5494 or email us at sales@clarkmachinerysales.comtoday and we will be happy to work with you. Thanks!

Chris Berry, owner of Berry Machinery, utilizes technology and word of mouth, combined with basic business and sales skills, to move equipment and reach prospective buyers and sellers. He has created an online marketplace where he posts large farm equipment being sold by hundreds of farm owners.

Berry Machinery sells equipment consistently in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. However, Berry also has sold equipment in the Midwest, Canada, and Australia. Based on his experiences in Canada and Australia, Berry is extremely interested in breaking further into international markets.

Our team provides insight to local markets and assists customers with buying and selling construction machinery from one single source. Our online marketing and equipment expertise enhances our ability to join together approved buyers with knowledgeable sellers.

As established used industrial equipment dealers we buy, sell, trade and conduct auctions for CNC lathes, CNC machining centers (both vertical and horizontal), CNC Swiss-type lathes, CNC routers and all other types of industrial and manufacturing equipment. We stock quality used CNC equipment manufactured by Haas, Hurco, Makino, Okuma, Mori Seiki, Mazak, Doosan, Star, Citizen, Matsuura, OKK, Kitamura and many more.

As both a buyer and seller of machinery and equipment, auctions are a good place to start. Why? Because consignors need to clear stock holdings, manufacturers need to make way for new ranges and the rental market needs to refresh their fleet regularly, meaning any and all redundant equipment heads to auction.

You want to consider where it is possible to view the equipment from multiple different sellers as this will give you different choices and enables you to draw comparisons between machinery, which is why buying at auction is preferable.

Price is another important consideration, doing your research is key as there may be a reason why a particular piece of machinery is going up for auction at a lower price than others have in the past. If you feel something is below the asking price, then it could indicate a potential issue, so it is important to enquire about this before making a bid.

Ask the seller for as much documentation as possible such as the number of hours, maintenance and service records for the machine in question, as this is another good way of identifying any potential problems. If possible, find out who owned the machine previously to gather some other intel.

When purchasing machinery from auction houses such as Euro Auctions, all necessary checks will already be carried out. However, if you are purchasing from a private seller you will need to check the VIN plate including the condition and current position.

Deciding where to sell that will gain the best price possible is crucial. Across the world, different markets will attract buyers who are interested in certain makes or types of machinery. Researching the market before selling can prove to be invaluable. Here at Euro Auctions, we can assist with shipping your equipment to overseas markets.

To be a smart seller, you need to think like a smart buyer. Present your machine for sale as you would wish to buy it, well-presented machines are always going to make the best price. In most cases, machines with low hours are the most sought-after at auctions, but if that low hour machine has had a tough life there could be a problem.

There are a few things you as a seller can do to make a difference to a buyer and help generate a better profit such as having them cleaned, if items are heavily used then ensure the critical components have been refurbished and any damage repaired. A small investment can help you extract the maximum value out of your machine.

When selling your used machinery, consider the importance of repairs as buyers will thoroughly check over a machine before placing their bids. Here are a few repair considerations that can help you get the maximum value for your machine:

Whether you want to buy, sell, or repair machinery for the plastics and recycling industries, Arlington Plastics Machinery has you covered. Our vast resources ensure you have the right equipment you need to keep your business running!

We buy used machinery for the metalworking industries. Find machine tools, such as lathe, mill, grinder, Horizontal & vertical boring machines, fabricating equipment such as brakes, shears, rolls, tube machinery and much more.We are continuously active buying for cash, whether it be a single machine or an entire plant.

In Florida, the purchase of machinery and equipment is usually subject to sales or use tax. However, there may be exceptions (called exemptions) that allow a purchaser not to pay sales or use tax on the acquisition of machinery and equipment. This article will discuss some of the most popular exemptions and how to claim the exemption when possible.

A new or expanding business may purchase industrial machinery and equipment to manufacture, process, compound, or produce items of tangible personal property for sale. This must be done from a fixed location in Florida. For new businesses, the purchase must be made before the date the business first begins productive operations. Delivery of the purchased item must be made within twelve (12) months after that date. If the business is an expanding business, then the productive output of the business must be at least five percent (5%).

Similar to new or expanding businesses, purchases of machinery and equipment should be exempt from sales and use tax if used at a fixed location in Florida to produce electrical or steam energy from the burning of boiler fuels other than residual oil. The electrical or steam energy must be primarily for use in manufacturing, processing, compounding, or producing items for sale in Florida. A de minimis amount of residual fuel used to facilitate the burning of nonresidual fuel does not taint the exemption. If the machinery and equipment needs to burn residual and nonresidual fuel, the exemption is prorated. The proration is based on the production of electrical or steam energy from nonresidual fuels as a percentage of all fuels. If fifteen percent (15%) or less of the energy was generated via residual fuel, the full exemption applies. Unless provided by the Department, a partial exemption is claimed via a refund. Otherwise, the exemption may be claimed directly from the vendor by providing an affidavit stating the item(s) to be exempted are for the exempt use.

A purchase by an expanding business, which manufactures tangible personal property pursuant to federal procurement regulations at a fixed location in Florida, of industrial machinery and equipment will be exempt from sales and use tax if the purchase is used to increase the implicit productive output by at least ten percent (10%). The increase is measured as a deflated implicit productive output for the calendar year during which the installation is completed or during which commencement of production begins for using the items divided by the implicit productive output for the preceding calendar year. The production commencement may not occur more than two (2) years following completion of the installation.

For the semiconductor industry, industrial machinery and equipment will be exempt from tax if used in semiconductor technology facilities certified, as discussed more fully below, that manufacture, process, compound, or produce semiconductor technology products for sale or use by these facilities. Industrial machinery and equipment can include molds, dies, machine tool or other appurtenances/accessors to the machinery and equipment, testing equipment, test beds, computers, and software. Building materials purchased for use in manufacturing or expanding clean rooms in these facilities will also be exempt.

Concerning the defense and space industries, industrial machinery and equipment will be exempt from tax if used in defense or space technology facilities certified, as discussed more fully below, to design, manufacture, assemble, process, compound, or produce defense technology products or space technology products for sale or use by these facilities. 041b061a72


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