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Demian Suvorov
Demian Suvorov

Detectorists Special YIFY [EXCLUSIVE]

Well, I've been waiting all year for this..and it did not disappoint!This has been my favourite series which I watch over and over.This Christmas special was absolutely packed with 'catch up' information and enough new tangents for another series ! It's extremely difficult to fit into a one off 70min programme all the events of the past 5 years and also create a new plot.As usual, Mackenzie has fed us tantalising bits of archaeology to reel us in. The use of super little historical vignettes only add to the interest...and mystery.It was wonderful to see everyone on form and so easy with each other. Nothing has changed; warm and comfortable. No one's life has really changed. The continuity hasn't dimmed.And it was such a relief to have the passion of the original series' maintained. For me, it was like seeing old friends.I wish that he could be persuaded to do another series ! Thank you, Mackenzie, for all the joy you've brought with this series over the past years & keeping the spirit alive this Christmas.

Detectorists Special YIFY




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