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Demian Suvorov
Demian Suvorov

Lidia Bastianich Chicken Marsala Recipe !!LINK!!

For some unknown reason in this state full of ranches in Colorado veal is difficult to find, so I use chicken more often now. I also use a bit of marsala when I saute mushrooms to have as a side dish. I like the bit of sweetness it adds.

lidia bastianich chicken marsala recipe

This traditional Italian favorite consists of lightly floured chicken dressed with a savory wine sauce and sliced fresh mushrooms. The key ingredient to this recipe is, of course, the Marsala wine, which is fairly easy to find and usually not too expensive.

Lidia Bastianich, chef and owner of Felidia and many more restaurants in New York: "I am sequestered at home with my 99-year-old mother. She is well into her years but she is alert and enjoys a good game of cards and expects a good meal, especially when her daughter the chef, is cooking. A good chicken soup turned into Stracciatella is a priority. Every three days, there is a soup pot on our stove -- possibly an assorted vegetable soup or mushroom barley and rice with potatoes, which is a favorite of hers. She also enjoys pastas and risotto. These are dishes that can easily be made with what you have in the cupboard."


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