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Matching Rings For Couples in Turkey

What does it mean and how to wear it

The hand that the engagement ring will be worn on is not binding nor the same in all countries. In Turkey the country where engagement is accompanied by an event of celebration and an important tradition important to the couple and the families the ring is positioned on the left hand finger, just as it is in Germany. This article explains what engagement means in Turkey and what role the ring plays, and how it is worn. Continue reading: Marriage proposal in Turkey, and Wedding in Turkey.

A significant event

While in Germany the proposal is more of a romantic affair that is performed between two people - of course there are exceptions to the rule - and it is only very rarely celebrated with family and friends It is a different story in Turkey. In the country of the Bosporus the marriage proposal is an old-fashioned tradition that is associated with many ceremonies and celebrations. Of course, there is nothing wrong with modern marriage promise in Turkey in the present, where the bride and groom will celebrate in their own way - but once the marriage proposal has been accepted and accepted, traditional celebrations begin and are a part of it. The traditional celebrations include an elegant engagement ring. However some couples are extremely religious and do not wear this piece of jewelry. There are always exceptions and couples who have an established method or have a different viewpoint.

Parents aren't the only ones who need to be involved

Do you ask your partner if she's interested to get married and putting the engagement ring on her finger? This is not enough in Turkey. Instead, a truly "complete" wedding proposal includes an interview with the bride's parents where the groom-to be asks his loved one's parents for her hand in marriage together with his parents, who already know about the planned wedding. If it's done in a traditional way the groom's father could even play the role of groomsman.

The small engagement party

The engagement rings are exchanged when both families agree on the wedding. This only happens to couples who do not adhere to the strict rules of the Islamic religion. The bride is not the groom's true wife until they marry and are still a stranger wearing a ring. Alternatively, and as is the norm for us, only the lady wears a proposal ring, for instance, a stunning solitaire ring. After the ring exchange, the celebrations can begin. Family members are frequently invited to the visit of parents as well as the small engagement party that follows and the celebration is held together with grandparents, uncles and aunts in the event that the engagement rings have been placed on the woman's hand (or both partners') in Turkey.

The big engagement party

It's the time to get large and not smaller. Up 200 guests is not uncommon for a Turkish engagement celebration. Many people prefer to stick traditional traditions. What color is the bride-to-be's dress? Who pays for it? Who will pay for the engagement party? At the time of the celebration, the rings are exchanged before all guests. If both spouses wear rings to propose, the rings that later serve as wedding bands are typically used. This is the reason people often dig deeper into their pockets when buying engagement rings. After all, there are no additional costs for the wedding rings. Once the "official" portion of the ceremony is completed the celebration starts - often extravagantly and late into the evening.

The engagement ring in Turkey and its significance

In contrast to Germany and the USA and many other westernized countries the engagement ring is a symbol of a completely different meaning in Turkey. In Muslim countries, it's a symbol to show love and a bond between two persons with no religious significance. Depending on the degree of faith a couple holds and how the Koran is read by the imam responsible A couple should not only forego rings for the proposal or wedding ring, but also wedding rings. This religious practice is based on the belief that wearing a ring in public demonstrates that the couple is not an Muslim. For example when a ring for a proposal is viewed as a gift from the man, the woman is allowed to wear it and show it off without hesitation.

The left hand

The question "On which hand should you wear the engagement ring?" The answer is easy If a Turkish couple decides to wear a band for their proposal the ring will be worn on the left ring finger, exactly like in Germany. After the wedding, it can be placed on the right ring finger as a ring to match the wedding ring.

There's no gold for those who believe in God.

When an engagement is performed in Turkey when the engagement rings are also used as wedding rings, the choice is typically made of jewelry which is not made of gold. Men of the Muslim religion are not permitted to wear gold jewelry as the precious metal is often associated with excess luxury and should be avoided. Most couples, if religious, at the very least, opt for rings that are made of silver or platinum. It is debatable whether platinum isn't an even greater luxury. If the lady only wears a ring that is similar, it can be made of gold using the alloy of her choice women are allowed to wear gold jewelry with no restriction and often use it often.

Beautiful custom

In Turkey, the proposal ring is usually bought by the groom's parents. This is because an agreement to marry secretly between two people can't be made and the interpretation of the religion must permit rings to be worn. If you decide to wear rings on both hands, a beautiful ribbon is used to connect them. This ribbon is cut at the reception. This occurs after the exchange of rings, as both couples have the jewelry on their fingers. The rings that are proposed to become a symbol of love: the intimate bond between man and woman that is mentally sealed by parents, as well as the other family members and friends invited to the event.

in Conclusion - the engagement ring in Turkey

Although it is not worn by every couple or, at a minimum, every bride-to be it is still a custom in Turkey. While it is often rescinded by strict Muslims, it is an integral part in many couples' engagement celebrations. Wedding rings are typically used as engagement rings, and are therefore a better investment. Women can wear gold jewelry as they like, whereas religious men aren't allowed to wear jewelry. After marriage the ring may be worn on both hands. The ring can also adorn the left ring finger - in the event that the bride prefers that.


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