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Demian Suvorov

A Sugar Spice Holiday YIFY _VERIFIED_

The 2020 Lifetime Christmas efforts did vary and often veered between mediocre and slightly above average and were indicative at times of rushed productions. But there were enough of them that were still watchable and more (was pleasantly surprised by some) and were not amateur efforts. Actually think on reflection that the standard was of better quality than 2019's batch. 'A Sugar and Spice Holiday' sounded promising and really appreciated its inclusion of diversity.Luckily, 'A Sugar and Spice Holiday' turned out to be better than expected. As the review summary indicates, it is not too sugary and has enough spice. It is easily one of the best 2020 Lifetime Christmas films and one of the few to be very good, when most were between mediocre and pretty good as said already. Is 'A Sugar and Spice Holiday' perfect? No, none of the 2020 Lifetime Christmas films are. But the good things are many and the best aspects are very well executed indeed.Am going to start with the things that are not quite there. Admittedly, it is predictable and some decision making in the final third don't quite make sense and considering the job of the person in question are hard to buy.Do agree that Suzy is a bit whiney in the final quarter and that the contest facilitator role was a little overacted.However, a lot of good things are here and they outweigh the not so good. It looks attractive, especially the scenery, and the music has a pleasant and nostalgic quality that doesn't become overdone, over-emphasised or too syrupy. The direction was sympathetic but still gave the film momentum when necessary.The dialogue is heartfelt, thoughtful and flows well without being self-indulgent or too flowery. The story is charming and moving, and doesn't go down the cheesy or sugary sweet route. So refreshing too in 'A Sugar and Spice Holiday' to have characters that felt like real people and ones that one gets behind in their trials and tribulations, they are also better developed than most in Lifetime Christmas films. There are stereotypes here but they are tasteful ones and are surprisingly well developed. Something not commonly found in recent years Christmas films. The characters have a very natural and sincere chemistry and the acting is very good, great in the case of the two leads.Overall, very well done. 8/10.

A Sugar Spice Holiday YIFY



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