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Caleb Lewis
Caleb Lewis

Sattelzug Pack 1 !!LINK!!

With the package, all 3 vehicles are visually matched. The original vehicles all have different rim screw colors. For the one or other perfectionists among you, that was certainly a thorn in the eye ?

Sattelzug Pack 1

Download Zip:

Hello friends of the forestry!The branch of economic Forest to make something more realistic, we have created a new long timber transport pack.Finally, strains can be transported up to 20 meters in one piece and so realistic just like in the case of LS17 possible.Alternatively, can be loaded, as in reality, two master stack on the trailer.The Pack contains a Tatra truck tractor with timber crane and a pull-out length of wood trailers FLIEGL or DOLL Design.The trailer of the DOLL is color-variable, the color can be customize.

Your order is professionally packed with high quality packing materials to offer the best possible protection during transit. If something should go wrong, all packages are insured against both loss and damage. We allow you to choose how your order will be shipped, and support most major carriers using a few select services. The moment your order ships you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail which provides tracking or shipment confirmation. 041b061a72


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