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Buy Embroidery Floss Online

With our advanced search function, you can simply type in a generic color such as 'purple embroidery floss' to discover the whole range of purples we have to offer. The search bar will automatically pop up with the most relevant items. If what you are looking for is not there, hit 'Enter' or click the magnifying glass icon, it will take you to a page with the full results.

buy embroidery floss online

You can also search for the exact color of embroidery floss you want by typing in the color number. The top search box, searches everything in our entire store. If you want to search within embroidery floss only, navigate to the Embroidery & Cross Stitch page and use the search box below the filters.

But if you're in the Big Bear area and would rather come see the embroidery thread in person before you commit, you can pre-select all the colors you want from our website and make a shopping list. From there it's a very simply task to get all the right colors together for you in store!

-You can always purchase online, orders over $60 will have FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, please give us a call on 1-888-538-2725 so we can provide you with personalized service over the phone.

Embroidery floss is a versatile crafting tool. If you have ever done cross stitching, needlework or embroidery, you must know the kind of magic it can add to any craftwork. There are many reasons why embroidery floss thread can make you fall in love with it:

Let your creativity and design ideas run wild with our endless selection of DMC embroidery floss and thread. Our selection boasts countless colours for you to pick from. Express yourself fully, with the exact craft, style and design you envisioned.

Mix, match and blend any number of DMC embroidery threads together to make an unforgettable design. You also have countless shades to choose from, so you can style any garment, clothing or material to your liking.

Similar to the six stranded cotton range, the Coloris embroidery thread is also made from long-staple mercerised cotton. This unique thread changes colours approximately every five stitches. Choose from 24 multi-coloured shades that have been curated by DMC to give your needlecraft project a complimentary and harmonised look.

The Light Effects embroidery thread is a range of shimmering specialty threads from DMC that will add reflective qualities to your stitches. Add shine and shimmer to your project with this embroidery thread.

DMC embroidery cotton can be washed frequently without the risk of fading easily. DMC cotton can be washed at a high temperature ( 95 C/203 F). Be sure to also pay attention to the washing instructions on the fabric on which the DMC thread was embroidered.

Venne Colcoton specialises in producing GOTS certified BIO organic yarns. Our collection of Venne embroidery yarns will not disappoint. Available in various colours and sizes, you'll surely find the perfect embroidery silk, cotton, or linen thread for the project you have in mind.

Made in Japan, ITO yarns are unique and highly distinguished for their special composition and manufacturing process. Japan has a long history of textile production and these yarns are perfect for embroidery projects and more.

At Thread Collective, we are cross stitch and embroidery lovers like you. We know you invest a lot of time into your craft and that is why we are passionate about connecting local creatives like you with premium quality embroidery thread brands from across the globe.

We have scoured and sourced embroidery floss and embroidery supplies from top brands around the world. And we are continually evolving our range and looking for new opportunities to work with local manufacturers to broaden our locally sourced products.

Shop our range of high-quality embroidery threads online and find the perfect embroidery floss for your needlework project today. Buy embroidery thread online and get your items delivered straight to your door. If you want to buy bulk embroidery thread, kindly send us a message so that we can help you out.

We have your favorite basics and also the embroidery floss your dreams are made of. Having a variety of floss embroidery on hand is essential and we would love to get you started or freshen up your current collection.

Choosing the right floss can be a challenge but we are confident in you. Your creative ability leads you to carefully choose the right floss every time. We are honored that you have looked to us to supply you with embroidery floss and grateful you selected us to deliver you the best floss available.

A color card is useful when you want to swap out colors specified in a design to make it your own, or if you don't have a particular color in your stash and want to make a substitution. You can also use a color card to easily match embroidery floss to a piece of fabric, a paint color, or any other item of decor.

Color cards with actual thread samples are generally more expensive than those with printed color swatches, but they are also far more accurate. Both types of cards contain lots of great information about the various types of thread, including embroidery floss, pearl cotton, and more.

You can find digital versions of the DMC color chart online, but be aware that computer screens and home printers show colors differently. The cards produced by DMC will be much more accurate than any digital version.

It can also be really useful when shopping for floss. At the store, DMC thread is typically organized by color number. That can make it really hard to see and compare all the colors in a particular shade because they are spread out across the rack. The color card shows them all together, so you can see at a glance what the options are.

On some occasions you may need to reference a floss color by its number. The color locator table lists the floss numerically along with its corresponding color family column. So for example, if you are trying to discover what color floss number 3840 is, simply find it in the color number locator and then go to the column listed to see the color.

You may be most familiar with DMC's 6-strand cotton embroidery floss, but they also make pearl cotton, along with other specialty needlework threads. The DMC color card provides information on all these lines.

When planning an embroidery project, it can be helpful to know if a particular color is available in pearl cotton as well as 6-strand floss. A graph adjacent to each color swatch tells you what thread lines the color is available in.

You'll find that WDW offers a variety of products to help stitchers and other crafters create that perfect project. There's 1-ply wool for crewelwork, knitting, crocheting or tatting; embroidery floss and pearl cottons for cross-stitching or needlepoint; sewing thread for quilting, beading or embellishing; fabric to coordinate with our fiber lines - we even supply display items for our retailers. With nearly 300 hand over-dyed colors in our repertoire, the possibilities are endless ... and growing by the season!

Marie Suarez World of Sajou book The World of Sajou embroidery book by the famous designer Marie Suarez. Nice panels and objects to stitch using our flosses and fabrics. We shall be selling boxes to get you started on these marvels !

Embroider our Napoelon indienne fabric Indiennes are floral fabrics whose popularity dates back to the 18th century! Ennoble our tote bag in Indienne fabric with our Tonkin embroidery floss for impressive results!

Congrats on getting your first embroidery machine. Embroidery is fun and easy if you are using the correct supplies. As experienced embroiderers already know, there are a lot of threads to choose from and it can be very confusing to someone just starting out. This guide will help you pick the best embroidery thread to use on your machine and describe the different types available.

As a beginner, it's tempting to go out and buy the lowest cost thread you can find online; unfortunately, most of the time cheap thread is going to cause more problems than what you got in savings. Starting off with a high quality brand of thread like Madeira, will ensure you trouble free stitching from the start.

Cheap thread can break, fray, and stitch poorly. High quality thread is designed for strength, durability and performance on high speed embroidery machines. An excellent embroidery design begins with an excellent embroidery thread. Buying a high quality embroidery thread doesn't mean spending a lot of money, Madeira thread is very affordable at only a few dollars a spool. We consider Madeira to be one of the best thread brands available. Why buy another brand and chance poor embroidery quality?

Made from 100% viscose rayon, it is perfectly suited for embroidery on high speed multi-head embroidery machines and home embroidery machines. Rayon thread is known worldwide for high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster and is considered the most flexible of embroidery threads due to its softness and pliability.

Rayon can be stitched out in any direction, will lie flat in the most intricate of designs and run flawlessly without thread breaks when a good quality thread is chosen. Less abrasive than polyester thread, rayon is softer against skin and gentle on the working parts of your embroidery machine. It is tested to run an average of 400,000 stitches before a thread break occurs.

Made from 100% polyester, Madeira Polyneon polyester embroidery thread is strong and constructed of a specially developed raw material intended to eliminate looping, puckering and thread breaks. Vibrant colors are glossy, as well as resistant to chlorine bleach, making this thread ideal for commercial linens or any application where the end product will be subjected to harsh laundering. Polyester threads offer the best balance of cost vs. performance and are a great thread for beginner embroiderers.

Embroidery threads are usually available in several different thread weights, with 40 being the most common. The majority of embroidery designs are digitized for 40-weight thread. The 40 weight thread should be your go to thread for all around everyday embroidery. 041b061a72


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