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Caleb Lewis
Caleb Lewis

Dungeon Defenders The Tavern Update V8.7 |VERIFIED|

My only other qualm right now is the way getting into a match is handled. You are able to join a playlist, and you can either find a group automatically or start a private tavern. That sounds easy, but in execution it is a bit clunky and confusing, as sometimes you will hit the "Find a Group" button and nothing happens. Sometimes you are taken to a group tavern, and sometimes you are taken straight to a level. Other instances, though rare, have you in a tavern looking at your gear or upgrading your weapons when suddenly you are transported into a level without any warning. The way you get into matches just needs a bit of refinement. Like I said, it is early alpha, so things like this are expected, but with a few updates the future is looking quite bright.

Dungeon Defenders The Tavern Update v8.7



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