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At a crucial moment in "Late Night," written and co-produced by Mindy Kaling, who also stars, Kaling's Molly Patel - a new hire to the writing staff of Katherine Newbury's late-night talk show - accuses Katherine (Emma Thompson) of viewing her as a "diversity hire." Katherine's response is swift and blunt: "You are a diversity hire. But the point is you're here." And now that Molly is in "the room where it happens," how will she stay in the room?

Late Night

Any bar, restaurant, venue, or commercial establishment, that currently allows on-premises consumption of beer, wine, or alcohol, and remains open after midnight located within the city. This includes hotel accommodations.

During most of the fall and spring semester, McKeldin Library is open overnight to holders of valid ID cards. Our goal is to provide a safe and quiet study space for our students and affiliated users. All users are expected to comply with the Libraries' Code of Conduct.

If your package is delayed, let us know and we'll track it down and escalate its delivery. If it's delayed more than 2 weeks past the shipment date, and your order includes coffee, we'll either refund your money or ship you fresh coffee at no cost.

Our WLN student staff is comprised of Late Night Coordinators, all of whom are undergraduate students pursuing a degree here at UW Madison. They come out every Friday and Saturday night to set up, take down, and engage with students during our events. Our staff is dedicated to providing a space that is inclusive and equitable to all students. We strive to promote diversity and celebrate differences with the themes of our events and how they interact with others. Wisconsin Late Night is proud to support ALL students and provide the most accessible programs possible.

Great late night spot, quick bite, reasonable prices, they've never failed me when I've been hungry. Friendly staff, average service, I usually takeout. From the orange chicken to the noodles and to the chicken pad thai it always hits the spot.

I really love how fast they deliver, the food is always clean, tasty, and warm. I love the massive amount of variety you can choose from at later ours in the night! Also Love their bubble tea! And their unique take on certain plates.

The Night Owl service operates year-round from midnight until 3 a.m., Monday through Saturday nights. Buses run between popular late-night destinations on 6th Street and local neighborhoods every 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the route. A Single Ride on the Night Owl bus costs $1.25.

The 3 E-Bus (Entertainment Bus) routes operate each fall and spring, when more UT students are on campus. When classes are in session, E-Buses operate from 10:00 p.m. until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday nights. Members of the general public - not just UT students and faculty - can ride E-Buses between popular student housing neighborhoods and downtown. A Single Ride on the E-Bus costs $1.25.

Late Night at Loyola provides students with engaging social events that occur during evening hours on Fridays and Saturdays. From DIY craft nights, coffeehouses, and various themed events, to Midnight Breakfast and Late Night Snack, Late Night includes free food, fun, and quality entertainment!

UR Late Night provides fun and engaging opportunities for students to connect and unwind on Friday and Saturday nights. From trivia nights to craft events, glow golf to trips to the theater, there is always something to do at night! If you have feedback on an event or have an idea for something new, email

Students Only! Join us Friday and Saturday nights during the semester for the hottest party on ice! Black lights, disco ball, great music, fun theme nights, and a healty alternative to the bar scene.

This temporary demonstration service was conceived to assist essential workers in late evening travel to/from employment. However, this service is available to anyone for any purpose who need transportation late at night in our service area.

Frequently Asked Questions in SPANISH, available here. You can also click on the green "Translate" tab located at the top right corner of this page to choose your language of choice and the page will be translated automatically.

Dinner Head to Jacques-Imo's Cafe for authentic Cajun cuisine and the chance to secure a reservation in the two-top pickup truck parked outside. Or grab small plates and craft cocktails at Bouligny Tavern on Magazine Street.

Located in the legendary outdoor venue in the breathtaking mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, the 42nd Telluride Jazz Festival is set to take place August 3-5, 2018. Combining a rich tradition of preserving the American Jazz art form with an unmatched aesthetic experience, SBG Productions brings a new era to the Telluride Jazz Festival, showcasing three days and nights of world class jazz, funk, soul, folk and gospel, with a goal of community engagement and student education. Unmatched scenery and a musically-charged local culture accompanied by a wide variety of special events including artist workshops, daily winery and distillery tastings, panel discussions, children's activities, cozy late night club shows, and much more will round out the weekend celebration. The historical mining town of Telluride sits nestled in a scenic box canyon at 8,750 feet, surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks, and is a prized gem of the Rocky Mountains.

Objectives: In sports, decreased sleep duration is generally associated with poorer performance compared to adequate or enhanced sleep duration. Yet, these findings have primarily been taken from small numbers of athletes performing outside of real games or competitions. It remains unknown how acute decreased sleep duration impacts real-game performance among professional athletes. Here, we merged 2 publicly available datasets to jointly measure late-night social media activity (a proxy for sleep deprivation) and next-day game performance.

Results: Late-night tweeting (compared to not late-night tweeting) is associated with within-person reductions in next-day game performance, including fewer points scored and fewer rebounds. However, we also observe less time played per game following late-night tweets and decreases in the negative outputs of turnovers and personal fouls. The critical measure of shooting accuracy - which is not time dependent - provides the clearest evidence of a performance penalty following late-night tweeting activity (between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am); players successfully make shots at a rate 1.7 percentage points less following late-night tweeting.

Conclusions: Our findings suggest that acute sleep deprivation, as measured via late-night Twitter activity, is associated with changes in next-day game performance among professional National Basketball Association athletes. More broadly, the use of late-night social media activity may serve as a useful general proxy for sleep deprivation in other social, occupational, and physical performance-based contexts.

Fire Up Late Night Grill is located in Catlett Residence Hall. On the menu you will find items such as quesadillas, breakfast sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, grilled burgers, and chicken tenders. This station was specifically designed for the late-night individual. Fire Up Late Night is cashless and accepts Hawkeye Dollars, UI Charge, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

The mission of late night programming is to make an alcohol-free environment available to students through quality late night entertainment during prime social times. All performers will perform on Friday or Saturday Nights in the MUB Ballroom unless otherwise noted. Some performances may include adult material and content that might not be appropriate for all viewers. 041b061a72


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